Butter chicken and whole-grain flatbread


My love for Indian food is no secret and I think it’s my favourite type of cuisine, probably because it satisfies my spice addiction. However, despite this love, I’m sometimes afraid to cook Indian dishes. I don’t know why, I’m always worried I’m going to screw up the spice quantities, and get an unbalanced curry as a result, or that I’m going to burn or undercook the spices…and sometimes this happens and it makes me really sad.

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Nectarine and blueberry crumble


My boyfriend and I try to be as healthy as we can to compensate for our “sins” as we like to call them. His are smoking and drinking beer, mine is eating cakes, desserts, chocolate and anything else that is sweet and satisfying. So to pretend we’re a healthy couple we usually buy a couple of nectarines and some blueberries, mix them together in a bowl, and munch on them while we’re watching tv. I like to call it “healthy popcorn”.

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Rustic nectarine and cherry frangipane tart



I just came back from Milan where I spent the last week touring around the city with a friend and helping my parents move to a new apartment. These activities left hardly any time for baking or cooking (and I was too busy eating italian croissants, ice-cream and pasta) but I was able to squeeze in a couple of bakes in my first two days. I was really inspired by the Italian summer, especially after visiting the market around the corner. Continue reading

Roast cherry tomatoes


I’m a bit weird when it comes to tomatoes. I love tomatoes sauce, fried tomatoes, roast tomatoes. But when it comes to raw tomatoes, yuck! I really don’t like the taste of raw tomatoes. So every time there is a salad involved, or a sandwich or a kebab, I have to carefully remove all the tomato slices and dices. I don’t really know what it is, but I think they have a weird taste that just ruins food, and they’re watery. Continue reading

Whole-grain chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies


There are two things I avoid making or buying: cookies/biscuits and crisps (or chips for you Americans out there). There’s just something about the chewiness of cookies, the crunchiness of biscuits and the crispiness of crisps that I cannot resist, and the result is that I can’t control myself and I keep eating them until I feel sick and beyond (and sometimes slightly guilty). They have the perfect addictive texture that my brain and mouth enjoy too much to just tell my tummy to stop eating them. Continue reading

Pasta with tomato, red onion and basil


Since I’ve finished university about a month ago, I’ve been enjoying my free time. Finally no more essays, reflection papers, presentations, readings… But my problem is that now I am indulging in pleasant days of laziness and embracing my inner sloth. Although I deserve to relax and for once not worry about deadlines and going to class, I think I need to be more productive (although reading cookbooks, food blogs and food photography tips have been quite productive activities during my lazy day). But laziness can also bring good things, like my Red Onion and Basil Pasta. Continue reading