1About Aileen

I’m half Italian and half Irish and have lived all my life in Italy until 2010, when I moved to the Netherlands to study. After spending three years in what I like to call an “academic prison”, I am now a recent graduate who finally has the time and freedom to dedicate all of her time to her biggest love: food. While I have no professional experience in the kitchen, I’ve been interested in food, and especially baking, since I was a toddler and my passion for cooking and baking has continued to grow since. During my three years at university I have written recipes for the student magazine, organized cooking workshops with my lovely Cooking Committee and I’ve spent most of my free time in the kitchen with friends preparing food for our culinary dinners. Now that college is finished I can finally focus on food full-time.

About the Blog

Why Hungry Aileen? I think that the words I pronounce the most is “I’m hungry”. I am literally always hungry. Even if I just had a big dinner, after about an hour I could do it all over again. Both my tummy and my brain are hungry. I think about food constantly, from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, and since I know my family, boyfriend and friends have to listen to me all day long, I’ve decided to start writing things down and give them a little break. Here I would like to share with you all my thoughts, memories, disasters and successes related to food. In this blog I will not focus on one type of cuisine, or just desserts, or salads (which you’ll find out I barely eat), I instead like to explore different cultures through their food, test different baking techniques or go back to my mum’s comforting classics and food memories (I remember almost everything I ate since the age of five). So mainly my blog will explore three of my culinary passions: multicultural food, baking and desserts, and food linked to my personal memories and culture.



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